Final Goodbyes to the 2013 A&M Football Season

The Fightin’ Texas Aggies had their final home game of the season, beating Mississippi State 51-41. But more importantly, this was the last game at Kyle Field as we know.

Around 8 P.M.  on Saturday night, just hours after the game ended, renovations for Kyle Field started and the first order of business was harvesting the fields grass. It was a bittersweet game for Aggies everywhere, including Johnny Manziel who jumped into the stands of the student section, joining the 12th Man in the signing of the Aggie War Hymn.


“Welcome to Kyle Field. For those of you visiting for the first time, please do not be alarmed. The press box will move during the Aggie War Hymn.”

  • Did you know that the Press Box at Kyle Field can seat 100+ people?
  • Did you know that the Press Box at Kyle Field sways about 4 inches during the “Aggie War Hymn”?
  • Did you know that the Press Box at Kyle Field stays almost completely quiet during the game to prevent press for showing bias?

Part of my job is to give a pre-game tour of Kyle Field to a group of the company’s clients. During this tour I show them all around Kyle Field, and give them an idea about what goes on behind the scenes before, during, and after every football game. One of the most exciting stops on the tour is the Press Box. The view is spectacular, the air conditioning is cranked up high, and you can see who will be covering the game. At the A&M vs. Auburn game this past Saturday, a few NFL recruits seem to have been watching the game up in the Press Box. Which players do you think they had their eyes on? Where should these players choose to go? Share your opinions here and click the link to see what the Aggie War Hymn looks like from on the field!



Dallas Cowboys — notice the warning in the press box notes: “Welcome to Kyle Field. For those of you visiting for the first time, please do not be alarmed. The press box will move during the Aggie War Hymn.”


New York Giants & New Orleans Saints

San Diego Chargers

Kyle Field Redevelopment Plans

During the Fall of 1904, a man by the name of Edwin Jackson Kyle, class of 1899 and horticulture professor, became president of Texas A&M’s, General Athletics Association. Kyle wanted to develop an athletic field that would promote A&M athletics, but Texas A&M was unwilling to provide funds. Well, that didn’t stop Kyle, because he fenced off a section on the southwest corner of campus, and with his own two hands and hard earned money, started building Kyle Field. Over the years, more seating has been added, they switched from real grass to Astroturf, then back to real grass and built a new training and rehabilitation facility. Other than a few adjustments, much of Kyle Field has remained untouched since it was first completed in 1927. At least until now…

Kyle Field will undergo major renovations, costing $450,000,000, making it louder, bigger and better than any college football stadium around. Kyle Field is already regarded as one of the most intimidating college football stadiums in the Nation; just imagine the cheering of the 12th Man in a fully enclosed, and lowered stadium. The seating capacity inside Kyle Field is currently 82,600… but after renovations 19,900 seats will be added making the new seating capacity a whopping 102,500! Learn more about the exciting plans A&M has in store by clicking the link below to watch the video of Texas A&M’s redevelopment plans for Kyle Field:

A&M vs. Bama

A&M vs. Bama

Alabama beat Texas A&M last Saturday, 49-42 and although my beloved Aggies didn’t win, I have never been more proud to represent Texas A&M University.

A&M fans are the loudest and proudest group of people you’ll ever meet… even when we lose. I stood on the sidelines and was engulfed by a sea of maroon shirts and waving white towels. Yell leaders had the 12th Man cheering non-stop and the outcome- extreme loudness. The Aggies didn’t beat Alabama, but we have been once again reminded what it means to be the 12th Man and show pride in our school. We’re not the only ones either! Check out the article about a Longhorn’s experience here in Aggieland and what they have to say about us Aggies!