Small Acts of Kindness

Spending every game on the sidelines at Kyle Field,  I see some interesting stuff that the cameras and reporters fail to catch- or choose not to show publicly. So here are a few things I saw from the sidelines at last night’s game.

Despite the looming thunder clouds and rainy weather in College Station last night, the Aggies showed up to play some football, and BTHO Sam Houston State, 65-28.  A-A-A-WHOOP! FYI: that “whooping” you always hear coming from the stands at Kyle Field is called a Wildcat.

  • Wildcat – another Aggie expression of approval; each academic class has its own wildcat:
    • Freshman: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
    • Sophomore:  A-A-A-A-A!
    • Junior: A-A-A-WHOOP
    • Senior: A-WHOOP!

Anyways, where was I? Oh, Yes! Before each game, I have the pleasure of escorting that weeks State Farm Bureau winner to the field for a “fantasy experience”. During this time, a lot of cool things are happening on the field that make Aggie games so interesting. The Corps of Cadets are marching in and the stands are beginning to fill up with enthusiastic fans. Miss Reveille, the First Lady of Texas A&M, makes her appearance and poses for dozens of pictures with tiny tots, students, alumni and even celebrities. Those dashing men in all white, known for their booming voices and skill in leading, can be found on the sidelines before they begin leading the 12th Man in Yell’s. Then there is my favorite part. Texas A&M’s football team comes out for warm-up drills, and the lucky few on the sidelines get to stand within arms reach of them.

At these last two football games I’ve noticed that camera crews and reporters don’t usually pay attention to the teams during warm-ups. I’ve realized that the players tend to be more light-hearted, joking around more, and being themselves before the game starts; before the social pressures and scrutiny kicks into high-gear. Let’s take Johnny Manziel for example. As we all know, Johnny has been in the media non-stop lately, facing much negative attention. I’m not saying he is the greatest role model, and he has without a doubt made some mistakes, but maybe he isn’t acknowledged enough in a positive spotlight.

  • I stood about 2ft away from Johnny while a trainer was stretching him out on the field during warms. Through his helmet’s mask you could see his face twisted up in pain as the trainer went through the stretching routine, but at some point Johnny noticed two little kids directly to my left. A little blonde-headed girl, no more than five, and her jumpy brother, about 4, stood watching Manziel in awe; you can imagine their excitement when Johnny turned his attention their way and gave them a huge smile. He actually did this a few times, almost playing with them in a sense.   Here’s a video of Johnny with the same little boy right before the game. If the smile didn’t make his day, this sure did:

It’s only simple act, but its the small acts on kindness that make up a person’s daily life. Johnny Manziel is nowhere close to perfect, and he never will be. No of us come close! So why not acknowledge his positive influence, at least every once in a while?

Follow this blog for more updates from my sideline perspective! Every post will focus on one thing I’ve witnessed from the sidelines, so keep reading to get the inside scoop! Don’t forget to browse through some of the snapshots taken from the sidelines by clinking the gallery link on the homepage. Thanks & Gig’em!

Video I got of Williams’ touchdown:



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