One Auburn Fan’s experience at Kyle Field

One Auburn Fan’s experience at Kyle Field


A&M vs. Bama

A&M vs. Bama

Alabama beat Texas A&M last Saturday, 49-42 and although my beloved Aggies didn’t win, I have never been more proud to represent Texas A&M University.

A&M fans are the loudest and proudest group of people you’ll ever meet… even when we lose. I stood on the sidelines and was engulfed by a sea of maroon shirts and waving white towels. Yell leaders had the 12th Man cheering non-stop and the outcome- extreme loudness. The Aggies didn’t beat Alabama, but we have been once again reminded what it means to be the 12th Man and show pride in our school. We’re not the only ones either! Check out the article about a Longhorn’s experience here in Aggieland and what they have to say about us Aggies!